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Noobru™ Shield Supplement Drink

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Noobru™ Shield Supplement Drink

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Noobru™ Shield Supplement Drink

Give your immune system a three month boost!

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Noobru™ Shield Supplement Drink

Boost your immune system for an entire year! 

360 Day Supply

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Juan A.

Mary G.

· Wichita, KA

I used to get sick all the time - my doctor recommended vitamins but they didn’t really help. I’m so glad I discovered Noobru! It makes it easy to make sure I’m getting my most-needed vitamins!

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Michael R.

Michael T.

· Clevela

As I’ve gotten older, my immune system has really taken a hit. Nowadays every passing illness seems to have my name written on it! Noobru gives my immune system a serious boost, and it’s so easy to take!

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Madison M.

· Encino, NM

It’s so easy to use Noobru, and unlike many such drinks it actually tastes good! Noobru really is delicious, and it really has boosted my immune system. There’s nothing better than being healthy!

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

  • A nootropic is a substance that enhances the brain’s cognitive function. Noobru is a carefully-calculated synergistic blend of nootropics that act in various ways on various systems to provide optimal cognitive enhancement for you.

  • Noobru™ Shield provides similar cognitive benefits but is formulated with additional ingredients that help support a healthy immune system.

  • While you may get used to the great feeling and clear mind that Noobru helps you achieve by supporting your brain’s best health, Noobru has no addictive ingredients.

  • Noobru contains no animal ingredients or common allergens.

  • Yes, Noobru is safe for continued use— in fact, it is designed for such. In clinical studies, many of the ingredients in Noobru even showed additional benefits when taken over prolonged periods.

  • Each of the ingredients in Noobru has undergone rigorous clinical trials with real humans. There are literally thousands of scientific studies for every ingredient we use.

  • There are no common adverse side effects. However, in the unlikely event that you experience ill effects, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

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