Immunity Shield! Immunity Boost!
Defeat Colds and Flus and Defend Your Mental Clarity with Noobru™ Shield
Replenish Your Body with 13 Active Ingredients Specially Formulated to Help Keep You Healthy, Active, and Sharp
BeautyStat™ Universal C Skin Refiner is a Vitamin C treatment with a one-of-a-kind patented formula that contains 2 key powerhouse ingredients: Stable 20% Pure Vitamin C & Stable Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).
What does this mean? These stable ingredients mean our Universal C Skin Refiner is as potent from the first drop to the last, giving you better results in half the time!
Vitamin C will start to oxidize as soon as it is exposed to oxygen, turning your product brown with an unpleasant smell – and will start losing its efficacy in as little as 1 week. BeautyStat’s proprietary formula prevents this from happening, meaning not only will you get your money’s worth, but it promises to work faster.
In an independent clinical study, BeautyStat™ Universal C Skin Refiner showed better results at 4 weeks compared to the leading competitor’s 8 week results. Furthermore, 90% of consumers saw improvements in just 1 month!
Nothing Else Compares!
Not only will you immediately see smoother, poreless skin, but also visibly notice drastic improvements in as little as 1 week!
Your skin will appear brighter, more radiant, and younger looking – Glowing with Health.
  • Fades the appearance of age spots
  • Improve collagen synthesis for firmer, supple, younger looking skin
  • Instantly smooth skin texture
  • Visibly notice even skin tone in as little as 1 week
  • 100% money back guarantee!
Dermatologists and beauty professionals approve of the incredibly unique and powerful formula:
“After reviewing both the formula and the clinical results, I was very impressed. I would definitely recommend BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner to my patients.”
- Daniel Foitl, MD, FAAD
How to Use:
Apply onto clean, dry skin in the morning and at night before your moisturizer for best results. Universal C Skin Refiner is great to use all year round. With its primer-like consistency, it is perfect for under makeup.
Superstar Ingredients include:
  1. Stabilized Pure Vitamin C – Potent antioxidant with skin-rejuvenating properties retexturizes, firms, and brightens the look of skin.
  2. Stabilized Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) – A powerful anti-inflammatory, the most active component of green tea, helps reduce redness, prevent age spots and repair damaged skin gently, preventing sensitivity. Works synergistically with 20% pure Vitamin C to provide an unprecedented level of results.
  3. Squalane – Delivers balance and superior hydration deep into your pores at the cellular level while fighting skin-damaging radicals that contribute to the signs of aging.
Research Results:
In an independent clinical study of 32 subjects, after 4 weeks of use:
  • 90% saw reduced fine lines
  • 90% saw firmer skin
  • 90% saw improved skin texture
  • 90% saw younger looking skin
  • 90% saw healthier skin
Purity at BeautyStat™
Purity at BeautyStat™ is our promise that our formulas will always be free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, artificial dyes, mineral oil, phthalates, DEA, formaldehydes, and many other ingredients. Our products are cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested.
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Fire Up Your Immune System
Contains ingredients to help reduce stress, sickness, and heal infections.
All-Natural Ingredients
Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and free of many common allergens.
Delicious and Easy to Make
Just add Noobru Shield to a glass of hot or cold water and stir. That’s all that’s required!
Drug & Chemical Free
Non-addictive, safe, and approved for long-term use.
Vitamin C
2,778+ Studies - 1000mg in Shield
Supports Immune System
Helps fight off infections
Mood booster
Sexual support
Increases blood flow
Good for fatigue, sickness recovery
Vitamin D
852+ Studies - 0.1mg in Shield
Immune system support
Reduces respiratory risks
Improves mood
Sexual support
Helps asthma/breathing
Good for weight control
Fights fatigue
Vitamin E
1,088+ Studies - 15mg in Shield
Helps immunity
Works synergistically with vitamin C
Reduces plasma oxidation
Helps immunity
Improves mood
Sexual support
Good for blood flow & liver function
Astragalus Membranaceus Extract
65+ Studies - 200mg in Shield
Effective immune stimulant
Recognised antioxidant
Immunity protection
Ginger Extract
204+ Studies - 100mg in Shield
Immune stimulant
Powerful antimicrobial
Respiratory protector
Good for mood and cognition
199+ Studies - 100mg in Shield
Enhances immune functions
Long time cold/flu remedy
Reduces sickness duration
446+ Studies - 150mg in Shield
Benefits immune function
Respiratory tract infection protection
Improved white blood cell production
Helps with mood cognition
Good for asthma/breathing
3,511+ Studies - 9mg in Shield
Boosts immunity
Reduces risk of infection
Supports fighting off infection
Improves mood and aggression
Mood booster
Panax Ginseng
445+ Studies - 100mg in Shield
Stimulates immune function
Helps fight pathogens
Increases cognition
Helps with cognition
Good for asthma/breathing
Sexual support
In addition to these ingredients, Noobru also boosts your health with a combination of Vitamin B6 (maintains a healthy brain), Vitamin C (boosts your mood, helps the body heal), Alpha-GPC (increases muscle strength, reduces anxiety), Choline Bitartrate (supports brain health), and Organic Panax Ginseng (increases cognition).
Noobru™ Shield is formulated to enhance your immunity with a nourishing blend of all-natural ingredients. It also helps reduce mental fatigue, and keeps you feeling your best!
Much More Effective than Vitamins!
Don’t waste time and money on vitamins that only get 39% absorbed by your body. A full 98% of Noobru™ is absorbed and available to your body!
Stop Illnesses Before They Can Start!
Noobru Shield helps your immune system fight back against infections, making it possible that you might never get sick in the first place!
It’s So Easy and Delicious to Use!
Start every day with a delicious glass of Noobru Shield to help maintain a solid immune system and ward off any infections that might be headed your way.
Adults should take one serving each day for optimal results as a dietary supplement.
Mix Noobru™ with 500ml of ice water. (Adjust the amount of water for taste preference.)
Shake & Drink
Give it a shake before you drink to thoroughly blend all the ingredients together.
Feel Great 
Let Noobru’s immunity-boosting ingredients get to work as you take on the day!
*Consult a medical doctor before taking this or any other nutritional supplement if you are pregnant, nursing, or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I become dependent on Noobru™?
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While you may get used to the great feeling and clear mind that Noobru™ helps you achieve by supporting your brain’s best health, Noobru™ has no addictive ingredients.

Does Noobru™ contain milk / gelatine / fish / shellfish / gluten / etc?
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Noobru™ contains no animal ingredients or common allergens. For a full ingredients list, see here.

Is Noobru™ suitable for children?
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While there is no evidence to suggest that Noobru™ could be harmful to anyone of any age, we cannot legally recommend that children take Noobru™ at this time.

Is it possible to overdose on Noobru™?
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Not easily. One can overdose on anything, but Noobru™ is many times safer than the leading brands of energy drink or vitamin drink.

Is Noobru™ safe for regular/long-term use?
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Yes, Noobru™ is safe for continued use – in fact, it is designed for such. In clinical studies, many of the ingredients in Noobru™ even showed additional benefits when taken over prolonged periods.

How do I know if this works?
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Each of the ingredients in Noobru™ has undergone rigorous clinical trials with real humans. There are literally thousands of scientific studies for every ingredient we use.

Are there any adverse side-effects?
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There are no common adverse side-effects. However, in the unlikely event that you experience ill effects, consult your doctor.

Can I take it with energy drinks/caffeine?
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As it has its own delicious taste, we recommend taking Noobru™ with water, however, there’s no contraindication, so there’s no harm in for example drinking a coffee before or after your Noobru™. In fact, one of the ingredients of Noobru™ (L-Theanine) works synergistically with caffeine. Obviously, always enjoy your drinks in moderation.

Is it okay to drink alcohol while taking Noobru™?
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There is nothing in Noobru™ that reacts adversely with alcohol, so it’s not contraindicated as such. However, while Noobru™ is tailored to help your brain function at its best, alcohol really isn’t and will have the same effects that it would without Noobru™.

What are the best times to take Noobru™?
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As Noobru™ is not a stimulant, there is no “wrong” time of day to take it. There are some factors to consider, though:

- Noobru™ promotes healthy levels of serotonin, which helps give you a feeling of relaxed wakefulness. To this end, morning may be better than evening.
- Noobru™ helps you to get the most benefit from the food that you eat, so taking it around breakfast time can maximize your benefit.

How much can I drink in a day?
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Most Noobru™ users take one sachet per day, five days per week. While there isn’t a meaningful risk of overdose (you’d have to drink so much that you’d be sick from overhydration long before you’d be sick from the ingredients), we already optimized the dose for the day in each sachet, meaning that taking more than the recommended dose won’t generally give extra nootropic effects.

Will it alter my mood/emotions?
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In broad terms, Noobru™ is likely to help you enjoy a happy relaxed alertness. There are ingredients to lift the user’s mood, decrease anxiety, and fight fatigue. It’s not intended to cure or treat any illness, however; it simply works with your brain to optimize these factors (amongst others) where possible. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

What are the nutritional facts of the drinks?
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Noobru Shield Helps You Boost Your Immune System!
Nobody likes getting sick! Thankfully, the vitamins and minerals in Noobru™ Shield can help bolster your immune system with the essential ingredients you need to defend against sickness and infections. Noobru can help you achieve optimum levels of health. Enjoy the flavor and reap the rewards, too!
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