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Boost Your Mental Focus For Lasting Peak Mental Clarity
It’s Like the Fountain of Youth for Your Brain!
Eliminates "mental fog"
Sharpens mental focus & clarity
Restores youthful brain function & memory
Lifts your mood and energizes your mind
Scott A.
Excellent product that does what it says it does!
“Awesome! I only bought a month’s worth as I was unsure if it might bother my system or if it could truly have positive effects in all the ways it says on the site, but it truly has. From day one I saw results. I’ve felt less stressed, happier, more energy throughout my day and my memory and mental process has improved too!”
Experience The Noobru™ Advantage
“This little potion packs a punch on account of being stacked with optimized doses of rigorously tested ingredients to boost brainpower and lift mood.”
– Sunday Express
Reverses the Negative Cognitive Effects of Aging
Cognitive decline can begin any time after the age of 50. But Noobru’s 11 active ingredients give you everything you need to help keep your mind performing at its maximum level.
Improves Memory and Retention
Noobru lets you stop walking into a room and forgetting why you came there. It helps to keep you from forgetting people’s names, and from repeating the same stories over and over again.
Boosts Mental Performance
Noobru helps to boost and strengthen the mental processes relating to the acquisition, storage, and retrieval of information. Cognition is an essential part of learning and remembering new tasks and experiences.
Noobru™ Has Been Making Waves Internationally Since Its Launch In Early 2020
“A delicious blend of clinically-studied ingredients designed to boost mental clarity and focus – so you can tackle your day ahead!”
- OK Magazine
Developed From Science
To Promote Better Health
Working hand-in-hand with medical doctors, 11 ingredients were discovered and combined into the perfect synergistic formulation based on extensive scientific research and studies to create the most effective brain boosting support system.
Each ingredient was hand selected for its powerful cognitive properties to create an environment that ignites your brain to fire on all cylinders and promote healthy lasting mental clarity.
Noobru is a genuinely tasty and refreshing blend of nootropics-compounds known to boost mental clarity and focus, and promote a calm state of happy relaxed alertness – ideal for anyone who wants to continue operating at their best in difficult times.
– The Guardian
8510+ Studies
  • L-Theanine
  • Ashwagandha
  • BioPerine
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Vitamin B6
Reduce anxiety and stress allowing you to better handle and focus during times of duress
17680+ Studies
  • Huperzine A
  • Phosophatidyl Serine
  • Alpha GPC
  • Choline Bitartrate
Increase memory and cognitive retention, anti-aging; neuroprotection
enhanced focus and clarity
4500+ Studies
  • Vitamin B5
  • Sulbutiamine
Enhance mental energy, without the energy crash afterwards; improve memory and learning
“Helps With My Recovery From Concussion, Depression & Anxiety”
Hear Antonia’s Story:
Absolute magic! Science-based magic! I feel like I’ve gotten my life, my brain and my body back. I’ve been recovering from a brain injury, severe concussion, depression and anxiety for the past 15 months. I went from working 12+ hours a day in the office, being in charge of dozens of projects and accounts, and absolutely loving how my mind worked. As well, I went from being an intense athlete, doing long-distance cycling, running, yoga, pilates… To suffering a brain injury and have that all taken from me. To be turned essentially into a vegetable. To sleep for months in a dark room and to only leave my house to doctor appointments, to barely be able to see, to barely able to eat, to have difficulties walking, to have difficulties hearing, to have vertigo, balance issues, vision issues, headaches, fogginess, memory issues, focus issues… to completely lose faith and trust in my mind and body.
headaches, fogginess, memory issues, focus issues… to completely lose faith and trust in my mind and body.
It’s been a long road to recovery, and all I have to say is that Noobru is now in my tool kit... Along with meditation, healthy eating, exercise, therapy, lots of patience and determination, Noobru is part of my everyday ritual and recovery. This magical powder makes my brain “come alive.” It takes care of the fogginess. It gives me energy and determination, it helps me focus, it helps me stay calm, and it helps my day be easier, happier, and something to look forward to. THANK YOU for such an amazing product! I’ll be a lifelong customer.
Amplified Synergistic Potency
“The natural ingredients in Noobru Advantage work together in synergy within a convenient, easy-to-use affordable powder supplement to boost focus, concentration and memory”
- Natural Products Online
When all 11 of the powerful brain superfoods are combined in the right proportions…
…they work together to produce a far more powerful and effective cognitive-boosting result than they could individually.
The unique Noobru™ synergistic blend is the perfect combination to SUPERCHARGE your brain’s performance!
Nourishing & Elevating Cognitive Potential
With Only The Highest Quality Natural Ingredients
Each of the ingredients in Noobru has been rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. 100% vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contains no common allergens. Drug & Chemical Free – Noobru is 100% non-addictive, safe and approved for long-term use.
LOVE Noobru!! Better than my morning coffee ☕
William A.
After a night out with some friends… I woke up with a killer headache and was a big hungover. The only problem was I had a huge team meeting that morning I absolutely could not miss!
I took a dose of Noobru and made my way over to my meeting.
By the time I got to the office, I felt myself (my brain mostly) being very calm and relaxed. To my surprise, I had one of my most productive meetings I’ve had in a really long time. My thoughts and ideas had clarity and felt like I normally would if I had a full night’s sleep and woke up well rested.
I’m definitely going to be re-ordering! Thanks Noobru!
Easy & Delicious Delivery
No More Hard To Swallow Pills
Noobru is delicious and easy to drink so you don’t have to fight choking down those massive horse pills anymore. Not to mention that Noobru is easier on the stomach compared to pills/tablets that can be harder on the body and difficult to digest.
Using Noobru is EASY & Tastes Great!
Superior Absorption
For More Effective Results
The absorption rate for Noobru™ FAR surpases the absorption rate for supplements taken in pill/tablet form. Pills/tablets absorption rates are just a measly 39% while Noobru powdered servings have a massive 98% absorption rate.
All Designed To Give You The Most Effective Brain-Boosting Formula Ever!
What People are Saying About The Noobru™ Advantage
Avid believer!
Noobru increased my productivity by increasing my energy levels and helping me focus. I am an avid believer in this product and highly recommend it.
Jack O.
My new go-to drink
I’ve already bought my second order after trying it and now I’ve gotten the 3 month one to last me a bit. I drink it almost everyday. I’m a massage therapist and it keeps me mentally focused and fueld for over 10 hours at times without me feeling drained at the end of the day. It’s awesome and I can’t wait to try future products. I highly recommend it.
Hubert S.
No more shiny object syndrome!
The first day I took it I found I could work for hours on a project without my brain driftying off (shiny object syndrome!). I have also noticed that I say “um” less as words come to me more freely. Oh! I also haven’t forgotten why I walked into a room yet… it was a daily occurrence before! That’s one less thing for my husband to tease me about! I’ll definitely be re-ordering!
Elaine H.
I’m really impressed!
I am really impressed by this product. I used to drink energy drinks all the time and it’s not all like that – it’s better! No racing heart, jitters, or sleep problems – but I’m still getting stuff done. The taste is delicious too!
Nathan B.
I didn’t have much faith in this product… there are so many out there now and it’s so difficult to choose! I thought perhaps everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon so it’s bound not to be good but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve had one everyday now… and I have to admit that I am definitely feeling more focused… not necessarily to do more but I don’t feel exhausted and lacking motivation after a full day’s work anymore which is great… I still feel fresh in the evenings and can concentrate on other things…
Jon S.
It’s definitely working!
My husband loved the taste and he hasn’t stopped talking about a new business idea — it’s definitely working! I want to try it now!
Ella A.
Game changer
I’ve been looking for something that helps me always to have good days, and avoid days where I struggle to focus. Since I’ve started taking Noobru, I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of off days I have. Great product!
Alex L.
I would give the product an enthusiastic 5 STARS
… I have been using Noobru Advantage for the past 30 days and I must say that I am very impressed with the energy and mental clarity that it has given me. I no longer have the caffeine crash from coffee… Noobru allows me to sustain my energy level throughout the entire day. I have also noticed a significant improvement in my ability to focus on my daily workload… I have since re-order a 6-month supply. Each day that passes I am eagerly awaiting my shipment.
Robert C.
Howard is happy!
So far, I am very pleased with this product! I have reduced my morning coffee intake to 1 cup. Coffee is now in my rearview mirror!
Howard T.
Skeptical at first… I’m a believer now though
I was skeptical when my daughter introduced me to Noobru — but she said it would help with my memory as I’ve been forgetting things lately. I’ve now had 4 great days in a row — less “umms” — I just know what I want to say, and say it.
Deb E.
This is a great solution for morning energy
I drank one of these every morning for the last 12 days (I am orderming more today, I slacked behind lol). I get a very clean, focused energy about 30ish minutes after starting to drink this. There’s no jitters, crash, or anything of that sort. I just feel more focused, a little more sharp, and the energy gained from this transfers into the evening really smoothly. There is no crash, or shitty feeling a few hours after. Definitely recommend!
Chloe A.
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Reverse Mental Aging & Unleash The True Power of Your Brain With The Noobru™ Advantage
Your brain needs the proper nutrition to be able to function at its best. Isn’t it time you started nourishing your brain with Noobru? Whether you seek to simply improve your brain function, or reverse signs of mental fatigue and aging, it’s a no brainer.
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With Your Help, Our Mission Is:
To Fortify 1 Billion Meals by 2025
1 in 3 child deaths globally are caused by malnutrition. That’s why we’re working with Project Healthy Children, who work with millers to add critical nutrients to flour as it is milled. Lives are saved and children can grow up healthy and strong like they deserve.
What part do Noobru™ users play with this? Every purchase of Noobru™ will fortify a child’s meals for a year. That’s a very tangible difference!
With your help, so far we've fortified 8,717,085 meals for children.
Hear Others Rave About Noobru™
Alex K.
Love this stuff!
Noobru was pretty game changing for me! I can clearly feel my focus being so much improved and not getting distracted as easily. Getting way more done on a consistent basis!
Lauren W.
Talk about a punch in the teeth. In a GREAT way! Pure clean energy. No crash. No jitters. Laser focus for about 6 hours. Love the flavor.
Bahram Q.
It tastes AMAZING and WORKS
I’m a first time user of a nootropic and when I saw a drink version I had to try it! I definitely notice the effects… especially in the gym! Been super focused. It’s a part of my morning ritual at the office now!
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